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Capt. William Mynors

Christmas Island named by Capt. William Mynors, who sailed past on Christmas Day.


Phosphate Deposits Identified

John Murray on the Challenger Expedition identifies potential phosphate deposits on Christmas Island.


Christmas Island Phosphate Mining Company

John Murray and Andrew Clunies-Ross form the Christmas Island Phosphate Mining Company (CIPCO); the Crown grants them a 99-year lease.


The First Shipment

The first phosphate shipment leaves the Island. The Island is annexed into the Straits Settlement of Singapore.


31 Mar – Japanese Invasion

The Japanese invade the Island, led by Commander Ando. They try to resume the export of phosphate and get the Asian workforce back to work. The Europeans are imprisoned and put into work gangs.


17 Nov – The Nissei Maru

The Japanese load bagged phosphate onto the Nissei Maru. The ship was hit with allied torpedoes and sank immediately, five men were drowned.


Dec – The Japanese Leave

Japanese announce they are leaving Christmas Island. 60% of the population mostly the Asian workforce (750 people) are sent to camps in Surabaya.


Mining Recommences

CIPCO recommences mining. The Island comes under the jurisdiction of the colony of Singapore.


31 Dec – CIPCO Sold

CIPCO is sold to the Australian and New Zealand governments in partnership with the British Phosphate Commission (BPC).


Mine Expansion Program

BPC commences expansion program to rebuild and modernise infrastructure and bring additional workers from Cocos, Malaysia and Singapore.


1100 Workers Protest

Poor working conditions and wages and the dismissal of interpreter Tee Boon How leads to a demonstration by 1100 workers. This is the beginning of a movement to create a Trade Union.


The Union Movement

The Union of Christmas Island Workers (UCIW) is formed. Michael Grimes becomes the first secretary.


Campaign for Equity & Justice

Gordon Bennett arrives as the new Secretary of the UCIW. He leads a campaign for equity and justice for the Asian workforce.


The Sweetland Commission

Sweetland Commission into the viability of the Christmas Island phosphate industry.


July – Under New Management

Phosphate Mining Christmas Island Ltd (PMCI) a Commonwealth statutory authority begins to manage the mining operations.


The UCIW rejects mining of the Western Shore Terrace as South Point for environmental reasons.

Dec – The Commonwealth Government close the Phosphate Mine on Christmas Island.


A Big Win for the Island

After a 3 year struggle, the UCIW and the Community win the right to reopen the mine on Christmas Island. Phosphate Resources Ltd is born.

Christmas Island Phosphates


A Tragic Passing

Gordon Bennett tragically passed away.


Indian Ocean Oil Co

Subsidiary Indian Ocean Oil Company (IOOC) is established to manage the fuel supply on Christmas Island.

Indian Ocean Oil Co


21 Year Lease

New Mining Lease Signed for 21 years.


CI Maintenance Services is Born

Subsidiary Christmas Island Maintenance Services (CIMS), the largest services company located in the Indian Ocean Territories, is established to create more jobs on the island.

CI Maintenance Services


Phosphate Resources Malaysia

Phosphate Resources Malaysia is established on 11 March 2010 to supply rock phosphate across the South East Asia region.

Phosphate Resources Malaysia


Mining Until 2034

New Mining Lease Signed until 2034.


Government Facilities Management Contract

Christmas Island Maintenance Services awarded 3-year contract with the Department of Home Affairs for facilities management at the Christmas Island Detention Centre.


PRL Shipping is Born

Purchased the MV Red Titan general cargo ship and created PRL Shipping to reduce shipping costs and provide a competitive freight service to Christmas Island.

PRL Shipping


Acquisition of Kemoil SA

Purchased more than 50% stake in a percentage of KEMOIL SA. Which is an oil products trading company in Geneva.



Acquisition of Liven Nutrients

PRL Group acquired 60% of the issued shares of Singapore-based fertiliser trading business Liven Nutrients Pte Ltd.

Liven Nutrients



IOOC achieves triple quality accreditation

Indian Ocean Oil Company achieves triple quality accreditation


PRL Global is born

CI Resources (CIR) undergoes a rebranding to strategically align the company’s name with it diversification efforts.

PRL Global (PRG) represents the company’s increasingly global presence through its businesses in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.