In 2019 Phosphate Resources Ltd, commissioned the Centre for Social Impact, University of Western Australia (CSI UWA) to conduct an independent assessment of the social and economic impact of our operations on the economy and community of Christmas Island.

The aim of the study is to capture the direct and indirect economic impacts, including any multiplier effect, of the operations of PRL on the Christmas Island economy, and to capture the social impacts of phosphate mining on the community.

The in-depth study was undertaken over the better part of a year and involved detailed data collection including hundreds of touchpoints with the community, government and other stakeholders as well as data collection from numerous valid sources. The data collected enabled UWA CSI to prepare a detailed report which outlined their validated assessments of the economic and social impact of Phosphate Resources Ltd to Christmas Island.

The following infographics summarise the report’s findings:



Please contact us to request a copy of the summary report.