First established in 1990, Phosphate Resources Ltd was the result of the community joining together in a fight to sustain its existence, and that of four generations of Christmas Islanders. Risking everything, the community put their own savings and sweat into creating a new company. Their success ended three years of shutdown for Christmas Island’s phosphate mine, and continued a rich mining legacy which started in 1891.

The extraordinary circumstances of Phosphate Resources’ establishment resulted from a powerful social force – the community’s desire to create a company which could economically sustain them and future generations of Christmas Islanders.

Today, PRL Group has grown from its humble origins to become an integrated and diversified business with interest in Resources, Energy, Agri-Business, Logistics, Facilities Management on Christmas Island and in the region. We are deeply committed to contributing to the economic development of Christmas Island and the wellbeing of our community.

PRL Shipping's MV Red Titan docked near cranes on Christmas Island

A Rich Entrepreneurial Heritage

Entrepreneurship is a vital part of our DNA. It shapes our thinking and guides our business strategy. We are passionate about what we do and energised about our future.

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