Indian Ocean Stevedores IOS provides pilotage, agency and surveying services for vessels coming to Christmas Island CI to protect our pristine marine environment and support the local economy.

These services are tailored to the lifeblood of the island, the bulk and bagged rock phosphate exports, also container, bulk fuel, breakbulk and vehicle imports known as ‘supply’.
CI is an Australia Border Force approved ‘First Point of Entry’ port, so vessel often require on hire, hold cleanliness, bunker, ullage and draft surveys which are performed by our resident pilots.
Captains Luke Miocevich and Nic Fischer who have a combined 76 years of experience in the marine industry, are master mariners and are the two current pilot appointments for the Port of CI. The CI IOS operation is ably supported by Perth based Angeleen Thompson who also provides contact and business continuity around shipping.